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Lens4us 101 & Tips

Lens4us Advice

  • Eye examination and Contact lens Fitting
    If you are thinking of buying contact lenses for the first time, we encourage you to arrange a visit to your local optometrist or ophthalmologist for an eye exam and a contact lens fitting.
  • Aftercare
    Your first aftercare should ideally take place after 2-3 weeks.

Lens4us Tips

New contact lens wearers should know:

  • If you think a lens is inside out, you can tell by its flatter shape which reverses when gently squeezed.
  • Wearing schedule should ideally start between 4 to 6 hours per day, with an hourly build up every day. Lens4us advices you not to over wear your contacts, wearing schedule is a maximum and not a target.
  • Lens comfort - should not be worse than that already experienced on your trial period.
  • Lens care - Never change your solution before consulting your practitioner.


  • Avoid environments containing fumes, sprays or chemicals.
  • If your contact lenses have been left in your case for a few days, be sure to disinfect them again before wearing.
  • Swimming with your contacts is unwise since you are risking of losing them as well as increasing the risk of infecting your lenses if not properly disinfected.
  • Never use tap water to clean your lenses or your lens case. Tap water may contain harmful agents that can infect your case and/or lenses and consequently your eyes.